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Collect and manage your receivables easier and faster. Through the eCollect service, you may receive payments from your customers through various channels (branch counters, ATM, internet banking, phone banking or mobile banking) for concentration in your designated collection account.

How It Works

  1. Simply maintain an account with us that will serve as the collection account for credit and consolidation of all your receivables.
  2. Advise your subscribers to pay through any of our channels:
    • Over-the-Counter (OTC)
    • Electronic Channels
      • Superteller ATMs
      • Internet Banking Service (IBS)
      • Phone Banking Service (PBS)
      • Mobile Banking Service (MBS)
  3. To keep you updated on the status of your collections, you may view, print, and download collection status reports in different formats.


  • Multiple Collection Channels. Payments will be accepted through PNB more than 300 branches and ATMs (PNB's ATMs as well as Megalink's ATMs), Phone Banking, Mobile Banking, and Internet Banking.
  • Utmost Performance. Enhanced collection speed and efficiency
  • Funds Availability. Timely credit of collections to your designated collection account
  • Data Warehousing. Receivables information captured and delivered electronically into consolidated reports and data files across all channels availed
  • Timely Information. Convenient account monitoring of the designated collection account.
  • Ease in Reconciliation. Collection information may be uploaded to your Accounts Receivables system.
  • Nationwide Coverage. Facilitate and enhance collection capability and reach, particularly in remote locations where PNB is present