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Executive Checking Account

A business checking account that gives you premium earnings on your disbursement fund, complemented with checkwriter software that will simplify and automate your check and voucher preparation and printing.

How It Works

  1. Simply open an Executive Checking Account at any of our domestic branches.
  2. After which, we will install the checkwriter software in your premise and train your users.


  • Interest earning checking account
  • Comprehensive Solution
    • Has a user hierarchy that manages the access and activities of each user and electronic workflow that controls the checks and vouchers that will be printed
    • Interfaces with your in-house accounting system
    • Generates various reports to help you monitor your check payments and project expenses
  • Data Warehousing
    • Warehouses payee and accounting data as well as historical transactions
    • Captures payment & payment details
    • Captures and prints digitized signature of your signatory(ies)